I had to share this great Blog post by my Coach Kristen Kelly.  I found this to be a very poignant reminder that in life, we rarely have the opportunity to know when it might be our last time to see someone or something that truly matters and that made a difference in our life and how very precious each moment is.

If you are interested in other posts by Coach Kristen you can click on the link below.

Last Chance

By Kristen Kelly, Reflections of a Coach

I crouched down onto the ground, lean­ing back on my heels for the hun­dredth time over the last four years.

I held the hot dog in my hand, ready to break it into five pieces small enough for the bird to swal­low whole.

I threw the first piece close enough for Cabo to snatch up in his beak pretty quickly. He swal­lowed it down with­out a sec­ond thought.

The sec­ond piece must have been too big, because he had to first dip it into our salt water pool in order to swal­low it fully.

This went on for the remain­ing three pieces. I sat awestruck at the beauty of this bird only 5 feet from me, eat­ing a hot dog basi­cally from my hand.

Four years ago we bought a vaca­tion home in Florida. On one of our first week­ends down there we met our back­yard bird friend, Cabo.  He is a white Egret. He showed up one day and just hung out with us for hours. We thought it was strange but had never owned a home in Florida before so we fig­ured that is what they did.

Over the course of the week, he came back daily. We thought it would be fun to see what kind of food he liked. No mat­ter what we tried he would not eat what we were feed­ing him until we pulled out the hot dogs. He ate them up and then from that moment on came back every day we were in town. Some­times we would come in and call out for him, and mag­i­cally he would show up look­ing for that tasty hot dog.

It was pretty cool.

Last week was my final trip to that house, so I knew it would be my last chance to feed him. So on my last morn­ing there I woke up, looked out the win­dow and there he was, as if he knew today was my last day to give him his hot dog.

I took my time that morn­ing. Talk­ing to him, watch­ing him eye the hot dog in my hand. Rel­ish­ing in the fact that he got closer and closer with each piece. Enjoy­ing the beauty of his white feath­ers. When the hot dog was gone, I said good­bye to my feath­ered friend and left the house for the final time with tears in my eyes because that amaz­ing expe­ri­ence would be no more — but thank­ful to have been a part of it.

Some­times we get the priv­i­lege of know­ing when some­thing is our “last” and we can appre­ci­ate it even more dur­ing it. Some­times we don’t know and we are left with the mem­o­ries of an expe­ri­ence, never to enjoy them again.

I am grate­ful I knew this was my last morn­ing with Cabo because I didn’t take it for granted the way I have taken things for granted in the past not know­ing it was my last time. We often­times find out after the fact and that is so hard.

So today appre­ci­ate the expe­ri­ences in your life, for they may be the last time you get to. And all I know is, sad or not, hav­ing that last day to be with Cabo was magical.


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