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6 Resources to Eliminate Writer’s Block For Non-Writers and Busy Professionals

Ever feel reluctant to blog or discouraged over cooking up interesting social media posts? Having something new and fascinating to say on a daily basis can be a challenge. The good news is so-called writer’s block is usually the result of not having enough input, doing thorough research or trying to write off the cuff.

Here are 6 rock-solid resources to help you get good ideas more often…

  1. Active social media posts. It’s easy to find out what’s hot and get a feel for what other people are doing successfully by simply looking through social media posts. The great thing about social media is you can tell which ideas have traction and which are duds just by looking at the comments, likes, +1’s, etc. Keep your eye open for articles or posts with lots of activity and then put your own spin on them.
  2. Popular blogs. Find a few popular blogs in your niche and follow them. Make sure to sign up to get their update emails so you can see how they promote. And just like with tip #1 above, you can share your personal angle with your followers. (Find a few blogs not in your niche and follow them, too-good ideas are everywhere!)
  3. Humor helps… Ever notice how much attention humorous posts get? Sometimes just tickling people’s funny bone can spark goodwill online. You may not even have to come up with anything at all, just repost someone else’s idea. It goes without saying you should avoid reposting anything crude, overly edgy, or even too sarcastic. When in doubt, don’t post it, or you could find that goodwill flying out the window fast.
  4. Inspirational quotes. If using humor presents too much “gray area” then inspiration is the next most powerful way to connect quickly. Check out the many quote sites online for some excellent ideas.
  5. Welcome to the jungle. Reading widely will turn you into an idea machine very quickly. But if it’s quick inspiration you seek, look no further than book and magazine listings on the reviews-it’s one of the best, unsung research resources online for writers of any kind. Need a topic or title? Need a headline? Need to know what people are saying about just about any subject? Check it out!
  6. Special interest forums and discussion groups. The best way to put your finger on the pulse of your market, while generating hundreds of ideas for relevant topics, is to join online forums or discussion groups in the niche you serve. If it’s a group of other professionals in your niche, well, you might come across a few tips. But if you can eavesdrop on a forum composed of people who could be your actual clients-you’ve struck gold! Not only will you get invaluable intelligence on how to better serve your clients, you’ll have a treasure trove of ready-made ideas for relevant topics your market will devour.

Next time you’re stuck try one of these tips-you’ll be off and running with so many ideas you won’t be able to use all of them. And make sure to pass these tips along to your clients and colleagues!

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