If you are looking to obtain a home mortgage, you’ll need to do your legwork first. Below is a comprehensive checklist of all the supporting documents needed to obtain a mortgage. (Not all will apply to everyone.) Loans cannot be submitted for review and approval without this documentation so your timeliness is imperative if you are under contract to purchase a home or have an interest rate locked.

  • Copy of driver’s license, passport, resident card or government issued ID
  • Copy of most recent pay stub(s) covering 30 days
  • Physical and mailing addresses and phone numbers for all employers for last 2 years
  • Copy of W2’s for previous 2 years
  • Name and telephone number of insurance agent you will be using to insure this home
  • Copy of cancelled/cleared earnest money check
  • Copy of Personal Tax Returns (all pages) for years of: ____________________
  • Copy of Corporate Tax Returns (all pages) for years of: ___________________
  • Most recent 2-months bank statements (all pages)
  • All deposits on your bank statements, other than income, will require a written/signed letter of explanation of where the funds came from and documentation to support explanation – i.e. copies of deposit slip & cancelled checks
  • Landlord information – Names, addresses and phone numbers (covering last 2 years)
  • 12 most current cancelled rent or mortgage checks (consecutive)
  • Copy of current mortgage statement on all real estate owned
  • Copy of the “Note” on the mortgage you are refinancing
  • Copy of current signed lease agreement for all rental property
  • Insurance company name and telephone number for rental property
  • Copy of Final Divorce Decree signed by Judge (all pages)
  • Copy of Child Support Order signed by Judge (all pages)
  • 12 month history of child support received
  • Copy of Award letters for social security or pension benefits
  • Copy of most recent Retirement or IRA accounts (all pages)
  • Signed Credit Inquiries letter, explain why the company was checking your credit and confirm no new debt came from the inquiry. If you did get new debt we will need your current statement to get the terms
  • Bankruptcy and discharge document(s), along with a written/signed letter of explanation as to why you filed and what you have done to change your circumstances to prevent this from happening again

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