Make Sure Their Strategy Works for YOU
By Steve White

Credit RepairCredit scores and other credit worthiness instruments are more important than ever before. Our American way of life, which includes borrowing on and paying with credit, has come to depend on it.

There exist consumers who have had their reputations and credit histories severely damaged by identity theft and credit card scams, or simply due to personal financial circumstances. Thus, they turn to credit repair organizations for help. But consumers must know with whom they’re dealing. On the flip side, legitimate companies must often lookout for those trying to pass themselves off as anything less than ethical.

If you’re in search of a credit repair company, the endless number of organizations claiming to help may be overwhelming. But here’s a helpful tip: Narrow down your search by researching the strategy the company uses, and make sure it works for YOU.

Credit CardsThe methods the company uses to repair credit are important. Avoid those using a “standard dispute letter” approach, as this may be insufficient for your needs. A company that follows a pre-litigation approach, used by Consumer Law Attorneys, generally provides the best results. The key to this approach is the initial threat of legal action sent to the creditor. Make sure the firm you choose goes to the creditor first on your behalf.

The “right” company is out there and with this knowledge you’ll be sure to make a wiser choice when enlisting help to repairing your credit.

Steve White is the CEO and President of American Credit, a decade-old credit repair company and financial services firm specializing in credit restoration and consultation services.

This article was taken from my August 2013 issue of YOU Magazine. Click here to view the full newsletter. If you have any questions about your personal situation, please contact me

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