Homeownership 2014If you are one of the millions of Americans who currently rent, have never owned a home of your own, owned a home at one time but not now, or perhaps currently own a home but intend to move up or down in the coming year, I can ease your path to home ownership in 2014.

There is an old adage that states “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”. No matter when you intend to purchase a home in 2014, whether in the first few months of the year, after receiving a tax refund, or later in the year, an easier path to home ownership truly begins with a pre-approval consultation. You can never begin too soon!  Ideally this appointment will occurre before  you contact a real estate agent, or at the very onset of working with an agent you have already connected with.  It is my job to provide you with guidance and insight to both save you money and provide you with a smooth mortgage process and a better home buying experience.

Why is it so important to have the pre-approval appointment at your 1st thought of buying a home, even if your buying time frame is out 6 to 12 months?  A smooth mortgage and home buying experience happens with proper planning and the execution of that plan.  Through my years of experience, training and research I can  identify specific actions that if taken may provide you with a lower interest rate and closing costs.  Let me do the “Heavy Lifting” by providing that plan for you!

With the ever changing mortgage guidelines, even if you bought and financed a home just a few years ago, you will find that the need to be prepared based on today’s lending environment and current requirements is even more important.  Our complimentary Pre-Approval process is typically more thorough and complete than many Lenders as we want the only steps left when you find your home to be that of underwriting the property itself.  This pre-approval process insures our ability to provide you with quick, on-time closings without last minute “hiccups”. Your Real Estate Agent will be especially appreciative of that and will likely tell you not to assume all lenders can deliver an on-time and “hassle free” closing. 

At Axia Home Loans, we are focused on being “easy to do business with”.  We  strive to provide truly exceptional customer service to every client.

I am just a call or e-mail away to provide complimentary “Pre-Approval Consultations”.  What are you waiting for?

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