T’was the night before Christmas and all through the dwelling,

The home needed repairs and it was very telling.

The wife and her hubby had no cash to spare,

Because Old ST Nick was soon to be there,

Dingy carpet and linoleum floors,

Outdated tile and holes in the doors!

Then came Santa with his reindeer posse,

Advice he did bring without sounding bossy

“Ho, ho, ho….you need some home repairs,

The railing collapsed and I fell down the stairs!”

The team of reindeer was falling right through the roof,

With very little effort from each tiny little hoof!

Hubby and wife had no money to spare,

“Do not worry folks, a 203K will fare well!”

Santa called his elves and they worked through the night,

A complete home renovation was clear in their sight!

As Ol’ Kris Kringle stowed his tools,

His new buddy at Axia explained all the rules.

“FHA guidelines are pretty much it…..

Licensed contractors, bids and don’t forget the permit.”

New kitchen & baths, and floors of hardwood

Counters of granite & new molding that look good!

Santa saw that his work was complete

Game them a loan program that was so easy to meet

The family so happy, they couldn’t speak

The wife gave Santa a smooch on his cheek.

“Don’t thank me for this miracle night…..

Go thank your Lender who got it right!”

With a payment and rate the family could bare,

They never thought that they’d have money to spare

When it was over, Claus climbed into his sled

“Your wish has come true, now to bed you should go.”

Axia commits that this product dream can come true

Call me today to see what I can do!

Turning houses to homes and making futures bright,

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

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