Move or RemodelLet’s face it, moving isn’t the most fun. Neither is remodeling. If you’re starting to wonder about either, and you’re looking for a little guidance, consider these factors before you decide which avenue to take:

The size of your family has changed. What was once a perfect nest for two can become too small for three or more in a hurry. Consider if you have the lot size, housing structure and budget to complete an addition.

You want better, closer schools. Unless your children attend private school or home school, your home’s location usually dictates what schools your children can attend.

Your commute is a killer. Many people choose to move because they have changed jobs or want a shorter commute. If you don’t have the option to work remotely all or part of the time, a move closer to your office may be your best option.

You don’t like remodeling. Remodeling is not for the faint of heart, and it can put a strain on relationships. If you’re the type of person who hates inconvenience for an extended period of time, moving may be wise.

You don’t like your neighborhood. Take stock of how your neighborhood does or does not meet your needs. Explore other neighborhoods to weigh the pros and cons of a move.

Your home has a bad floor plan. Consult with a contractor to determine if lot size, building codes or physical barriers will prevent you from remodeling your home in a way you’d enjoy.

Your yard leaves much to be desired. For many, the yard is an extension of the living space. Consider if your current space is adequate for gardening, putting in a pool or adding any other amenities you desire.

Choosing to move or remodel requires thoughtful consideration, and these factors are a perfect place to start!

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