It doesn’t matter who you are, applying for a mortgage is stressful!  Even more so for that first time homebuyer who has never successfully been through the experience and is really hesitant to test the water.  But sometimes that first “not right now” response opens a door and changes a future.

Such is the case with a young couple who attended one of my home buying classes 9-months ago.  At that time, their credit scores had room for improvement; they had consumer debt that needed to be paid off in order to qualify for a home and collections to pay off.  As I do with all Borrowers who have work to do, I outlined a plan and told them to call any time.  They touched base periodically with questions but were pretty quiet.

A couple of days ago they came into the office and were really excited to meet.  It’s always good to visit with prospective homebuyers and they are a really engaging young couple.  They went on to explain that they’d taken all of my advice; they’d prepared and lived by a very strict budget that allowed them to apply their discretionary funds to debt reduction and bad credit resolution and in 9-months they had not only paid off all of their debt, significantly improved their credit scores, but they had significant savings to put down on their first home.

I was incredibly moved at the effort they’d put in to changing their lifestyle and succeeding in a very short period of time.  They were so excited and felt such freedom to be debt free and remain committed to continue saving and working together to secure their future.

I love my job!  There is nothing like helping shape the future of another family!

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