Bathroom RemodelWith the arrival of spring just around the corner, home improvement projects will soon be in full swing. If you’ve only got the budget for one project, or you want to make sure you maximize the value to your home, we’ve got two words for you: bathroom remodel.

The following are just a few ideas to help you enjoy the benefits of a better bathroom, without breaking your budget:

  • Little details can make a big difference for a smaller price tag. Updating light fixtures, faucets, towel racks and drawer pulls can improve the look for a very modest investment, and a little bit of elbow grease.
  • Refresh overlooked areas such as old tile grout or mildewed caulk around fixtures. Instead of replacing an old porcelain tub, have a professional reline it at a fraction of the cost.
  • Bargain hunting is easier in the online era. Don’t neglect to search for the fixtures of your dreams on sites like eBay or even Craigslist before you purchase anything from expensive interior design retailers. Your nearest Habitat for Humanity ReStore is another great resource for hardware that’s used but new to you.
  • Splurging selectively on the items you really want is easier when you look for savings in other areas. Consider doing the demolition yourself to save labor, searching out “scratch and dent” or floor model deals, or buying “oops” paint. With the savings, you may be able to afford one or two expensive customizations.
  • Fresh paint and flooring offer limitless combinations, and a fast facelift. Because square footage is minimal in most bathrooms, the cost tends to be surprisingly low. If you want to try laying the tile yourself, many home improvement stores offer DIY workshops.

The bottom line is that a great bathroom is something you will enjoy for as long as you own your home. Even small upgrades may add to the overall value of your home if you decide to sell in the future.

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