Your HomeThe wonder of the great outdoors and calming effects of nature abound outside the home. In this installment of a two-part series, you’ll learn eight easy, delightful ways top designers bring outdoor touches to interiors.

Fibers and textures made from burlap, wicker, rattan, hemp and jute are coming back in fashion as modern designers rediscover how inviting they can be. Baskets, rugs, table runners, placemats and lampshades are popular items to feature these textures.

Colors inspired by nature are a given. Get earthy with greens and deep browns. Take flight in light blues or dive into sea greens of all shades. Get fired up with sunshine yellows, oranges and fresh-flower reds. Overall, neutral whites and tans make interiors feel clean and ready for pops of color on accent walls or with window coverings, decorative pillows, bedding and knick-knacks.

Natural floor coverings in wood, cork and bamboo are warm, feel natural under foot, and are easy to keep clean.

Seashore décor from your travels is meaningful and soothing. Rocks, seashells, jars of beach sand, wood and dried florals or foliage can bring visual interest and something to talk about.

Inside Your HomeFood, like longer lasting lemons, limes, mint or dried herbs, inspire both visual and aromatic journeys for the senses.

Sunshine and fresh air can breathe life into a room. Weather permitting, open windows often to elevate your mood. Replace heavy window coverings with light fabrics or sheers.

Unobstructed views also bring the outdoors in. Trim overgrown landscaping to enjoy the view of trees, ponds or even a freshly mowed lawn.

Scents and sounds are cues from luxury spas. Use candles with floral and other soothing scents to relax and release your cares. Tune into nature by playing sounds of gentle rain and wind or the beach.

And stay tuned next month for Part 2, where we cover ways to bring the inside outside, so you can enjoy outdoor spaces even more as the weather warms!

Sources: Freshome, Barn & Willow, Homedit

This article was taken from my April 2016 issue of YOU Magazine. Click here to view the full newsletter.

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