Extra CashIt’s easier than ever to list your unwanted stuff on sites like Craigslist and Nextdoor, and put a little extra coin in your pocket. But if you want to get top dollar and a quick sale, make sure to follow a few simple guidelines:

Lucky Listings. Some items (think jewelry and clothing) sell better on auction sites like eBay or consigned with local dealers. On most classified sites, high-demand items include:

  • Furniture of all varieties, especially gently used newer models and antiques.
  • Small electronics, especially DSLR cameras and smartphones.
  • Electric power tools, including lawn care equipment.
  • Sporting goods and bikes, especially higher-end versions.
  • Computers in good working order when you’re ready to upgrade.
  • Appliances, especially washers and dryers.
  • Cars and campers, if you feel up to the hassles of test drives and title transfers.

Come Clean. Make sure to thoroughly dust or wash each item, so it looks as tidy as possible. This simple task takes little time and discourages haggling when your buyer sees well-presented items in person.

Picture Perfect. Always make sure to include enough photos to pique potential buyers’ interests. Inspect items carefully and include shots of any damage or unusual wear. Keep the background of your photos free of clutter, and place items in direct sunlight for the most accurate colors.

Awesome Ad. Craigslist algorithms search not just titles but descriptions, too, so don’t be shy about including relevant keywords. Format your ad with bullet-point comments up top listing the various features. Then, write a few explanatory sentences to describe any unique features (or flaws), the history of the item (for antiques), how you got the item and why you’re selling it.

Spam Stop. On higher priced items, you may receive some unusual emails or texts with odd requests about shipping, holding the item for a traveler or odd payment options. Don’t be alarmed. A simple “in person, cash only” type of reply will often suffice. Review the avoiding scams section on Craigslist for more details.

While the vast majority of online classified sales come off without a hitch, you should never implicitly trust someone you don’t know or invite strangers into your home. Follow personal safety guidelines whenever you accept an offer, and you’ll be selling like a pro in no time.

Sources: Fox News Magazine, ReCraigslist

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