QUESTION: How do I know if the water from my tap is safe for drinking and cooking?

ANSWER: The recent water problem in Flint, Michigan has many people wondering about the safety of their tap water, and understandably so. Since the EPA didn’t ban lead pipes until 1986, they can still be installed in the ground under some older homes, or used in wells that were installed before that time. This means that even if water leaves water treatment facilities lead-free, contaminants like lead can get into the water afterwards.

Homeowners, especially those with older homes, should err on the side of caution. There are water filters rated for removing lead and other contaminants that can fit any budget, from pitchers to under-the-counter installations. You can also check the home inspection that was completed when you purchased your home to see if lead piping is noted, or have a licensed plumber check your pipes. Sources: Bottom Line, USA Today

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