ClearNo matter what kind of deskwork you do, getting organized can help you feel focused and efficient. So reorganize that workspace, and ensure it stays that way, with these six tips:

Go digital. Most documents can be scanned, filed electronically and recycled, eliminating stacks of clutter and the need for filing space. External hard drives or backup services like Carbonite will prevent data loss in case of a computer crash. And cloud storage can allow you to access files from anywhere.

Go vertical. Utilize wall space above your desk with shelving or pocket storage that mounts within easy reach, eliminating the need to have paper trays or knick-knacks on the desk.

Go minimal. Switch to smaller equipment like a laptop or tablet with peripheral keyboard and mouse for easy storage and ultimate portability. Store occasionally-used equipment, bringing it out when needed, or upgrade to a wireless device and locate it in an out-of-the-way area.

Go low. Rolling cabinets and plastic storage bins stored underneath your desk can help keep items within easy reach, but also out of sight.

Go adjustable. Flat-screen monitor bases are usually removable, and standardized attachment holes allow for wall mounting. No wall nearby? Some swivel-arm mounts can clamp to the edge of a desk, freeing work space.

Go green. Stackable plastic food containers of all sizes can be repurposed for office supplies you don’t need regularly like cords, external drives, paper clips, rubbers bands, extra sticky notes or other hardware. Group related materials into “kits.”

These handy tips will help you create a more efficient desktop area to feel more productive and organized. Sources: American Express OPEN Forum, Wise Bread

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