11.18.mortgageTo buy a house is probably one of the largest and most complex financial expenditure that a person can make. Because it requires huge amount of money, most buyers do not own enough amount to fully pay for the house so they apply for a home loan. However, there are buyers, particularly the new ones, who are not equipped with the right information and sufficient knowledge regarding the types of mortgages available for them. For example, a home investor wants to buy a real estate property. It would be best if he or she knows all the mortgage options she can get for the house he or she likes so it would be easier to decide which one is more practical. The investor can consider and weigh all her options if he or she has the useful information about each type of mortgage loan deals. To help you learn more, here are some information about the types of mortgages.

When you talk about housing loans, there are two general types you can consider – the fixed rate loan and the adjustable rate loan. Both of them have sub categories to make it specific for the lenders to choose what kind of loan they should get.

Adjustable Rate Loan

This type of loan means that you have to pay a fixed rate for a specific duration of time and then every year after that, the rate will adjust. Most people choose the 5/1 adjustable loan type. If you get this, you will have to pay a fixed rate of payment for five years and then the rate will adjust every year after. Some people who loans for their house opt to choose the one year fixed rate adjustable loan, the 3/1, 7/1 or the 10/1. The adjustments made for the rates will be based primarily on the lifetime caps and yearly caps.

Fixed Rate Loan

Most people are getting this loan compared to the adjustable rate loan. This is mainly because homebuyers can easily understand the system because they do not have to think about the payment adjustments that they have to make for the payment. Fixed rate loan means that you have to pay the same amount of mortgage fee for the whole time of finishing the loan. There may be small changes to make for the total amount of your monthly payment because tax and insurance needs to be considered as well. Excluding the taxes and insurance, the payment you have to make monthly for a fixed rate loan will always be consistent. Homebuyers usually apply for the 30-year fixed rate mortgage, meaning they can complete the mortgage payment for the house in thirty years. 30 years are really a long time, but it will cost you lesser payment every month. The 15-year fixed rate loan will give you a higher monthly fee.

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