12.18.budgetHere are 3 keys to successfully maintaining a budget (no matter if you’re a single or family household):

    1. Consistent income. I know this may seem like a ‘duh’ statement but having consistent income flowing into the home will help meet target budget goals. I know there is a huge entrepreneurial boom happening and that’s awesome! I too have started the path of developing my business. However, I am in a season where I still need my 9 to 5. And it’s by choice. No, I’m not afraid to quit my job. However, if you continue to find yourself complaining about your financial situation, then its best you find you a more permanent job.
    2. Intentionally perform better spending habits. This may include writing down the budget and stick it on your fridge to remember what bills are due. Call it a routine – discipline – habit – I don’t care! The point is be intentional and consistent.
    3. Put your money where it’s not always easily accessible. Some people do well with having a savings account with their checking account. They can go online, see money in their savings, and not be tempted to spend it. However, others don’t have that same power to resist. And that doesn’t make that person weak! That person must admit that weakness and combat it by putting their savings money in an account they can’t always see. This may mean finding other online banks to start a savings account. Some actually offer great interest rates and a low initial deposit to open the account! I encourage anyone who is serious about saving to seek a different bank if they are serious about saving money.

There a many more keys to having a successful budget. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from people who do well with budgeting and saving. Learn from others and you will be on your way to having a successful budget too!

Brought to you by EzineArticles. Written By Latonia Price.

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