01.19.newyear.resolutionGot a New Years Resolution? Do you want to learn how to keep New Years Resolutions and finally achieve your goal for the new year? Of course you do, but do not worry, it is not as hard as you would think. It all comes down to one thing: how you pursue your resolutions and goals.

How to pursue a goal is just as important as what the goal itself is: if you follow these three steps, you will be that much closer to success.

1. Motivate Yourself: It is very important to motivate yourself when you make your New Years resolutions. All too often people have all these grand resolutions and just end up not fulfilling them…or even coming close.

Successful people know how to pursue a goal and they have a strong reason for carrying out their new years resolution. If keeping your new years resolution is tops on the “to do” list this year, then you have to have a strong commitment to achieving it. Especially if you have decided to have a long term one like losing weight.

2. Make Realistic Resolutions and Set Goals to Achieve Them: Time line goals are easier to achieve when you have a long-term resolution like improving your finances or losing weight. You can easily achieve your long-term objectives using short term goals. This is how to pursue a goal the right way: by breaking your goal down into manageable steps.

3. Write Them Down: Not only write your resolutions down but put the paper in a prominent place where you will see it every day. Every day repeat your resolutions to yourself. Keep a log of your progress and remember to reward yourself for keeping your new years resolutions.

When everything is in black and white it looks more real and urgent and you will feel compelled to fulfill your New Year Resolutions.

So there you have it – a three-step process on how to keep new years resolutions. Remember, keeping new years resolutions is not that hard if you just commit to making your resolutions a reality. Follow the above three-step process and you too will keep your new years resolution!

Brought to you by EzineArticles. Written by Michael Clayton.

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