Should you have to leave your home on a moments notice for whatever natural disaster may occur in your area, are you prepared?  Following are a few tips and a list of some of the suggested items you should have ready to go:

  • Water and food – at least 2 bottles of water per family member.  Snack bars.
  • Waterproof map – Don’t expect to have internet or phone service should you get lost and you’ll need to conserve on your cell battery.
  • Cash in small bills – $1 and $5 bills.  Card cards will be useless if the electricity/internet is down.
  • Copies of important documents – driver’s license, passport, bank account numbers, homeowners insurance policy
  • Sturdy backpack or rolling suitcase
  • Batteries and flashlight
  • Portable cell phone charger
  • Gloves and goggles
  • Whistle
  • Change of clothing
  • Extra eye glasses or contacts
  • Toilet paper
  • Duct tape as you can use this to fix just about anything!
  • Pet supplies

Share items that should be added to this list below!

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