The Client Goal

To broaden their brand reach, TurboTax wanted to move beyond helping people with just saving money on taxes, illustrating simple steps their audience could take to reduce expenses. They needed engaging stories about improving personal finances and budgeting tips for their blog. After deciding infographics would communicate their message most effectively, TurboTax needed to ensure that the pieces provided useful and sound financial information. They wanted to create assets that mirrored their brand’s mission of making more money or saving money by doing things yourself.

The Solution

We chose an eye-catching illustration style to draw viewers into the piece. In order to appeal to wide audience, we researched simple yet creative ways to save money around the house. After deciding on content, we chose a retro design style, and detailed illustrations. Because an illustration supports each point of information, the design offers a streamlined reading experience on strategies for saving money — without feeling like a daunting task. Additionally, each individual section carries meaning on its own, meaning the infographic is optimized for sharing on social media. Except for the TurboTax logo at the bottom of the infographic, we kept the infographic unbranded in order to demonstrate TurboTax’s knowledge without promoting their product.

Brought to you by Killer Infographics

A TurboTax Infographic

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